Hooray for the promises

Headphones in my ears, electrocute me please. Is it worth it to feel so worthless? I think not but I get a nod from the delirious intoxicants to prove me otherwise and to lead me to my demise, what a pleasant surprise. 

Sudden lapse from intoxication, I took a short vacation but I am back again. I’m here in the flesh, waiting for electrocution to zap my brain into smoke, with radiohead blaring and enough happiness in music to cope with the sad reality of one thousand life times. 


Hair cut with clean regret. The kind of hesitation the heroin addict feels before sticking the needle in. The same drive a mountaineer feels during the last treacherous hundred feet of a climb. The type of climb where crevasses turn into graves for vital friends. If we were crucial and apparent in each others lives, we would have the education and physical awareness to get anyway at all. 


Let us live simply and honestly, with compassion for the world as an unintelligible whole. Never forget the people hopping aboard trains in India. Entire extended families without homes. In America, a lonely widow can be left much too much real estate. 


Hooray for the promises. 


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