The loudest voice wins arguments

Never ignore that voice that screams the loudest inside of you among crowds of stupid internal entities. The loudest and most obscene is usually full of wild truth. We need higher doses of this truth, doctor. You have been cutting us short of our quota.


My loudest voice screams for a healthy cleansing of whiskey from the palette. I will brush my teeth and sleep next to my dream girl who has become a reality in the sense that the dream has died. I still care about the health of my red and puffy gums. I do not wish to have cavities in my teeth or my ventricles or heart in any resplendent capacity… I want a healthy body full of wisdom, but I fuck that up just as everyone else. 


“I miss you as much as childhood.”


No. That’s too much. 


“I missed you as much as breathing.”


Come on, man. Sympathetic. 


“Let’s just fuck.”


Something closer to the truth.


Although the animalistic protective nature has never surfaced its ugly and disgusting head until recently. I forget who I sit next to when I type and the passionate crimes that have been committed have been long erased from memory. 


My father brings growlers to the bar. 


I tasted beer for the first time as a young child and felt strange and novel. 


Imagine constant novelty!


Imagine having severe short term memory loss. 


I would not remember you unless I looked back on you. 


Your beautiful eyes, likes sparks for illicit dynamite, would ignite bonfires that scoured vast countrysides of rhetorical grounds and the eyes fall tired. 




The writer enters a daze, having written for over an hour without pause. Give it a rest, why don’t you? 


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