Wishful Thinking

Always rid yourself of desires. Personal preference is only important if you are an old man. You have experienced enough to know what you enjoy. Even still, pursue new avenues for enlightenment. Otherwise personal preference is a declaration of ignorance. When you are comfortable with your tiny, claustrophobic viewpoint of the world, you lose all opportunity for expansion. The stimulus for new avenues can be destroyed by your illegible belief that you have found all you need in the world. You will look back at yourself and sigh, with hand to forehead, in regret. Unless you die happy in your tiny viewpoint, ignoring all other perspectives…. Just know, from your telescope, that there will always be eyes looking from where you are looking at and maybe they are more or less harsh than the opinions you can conjure. You are alone in that. No one will tell you what is right. Everything religious was written by a simpleton like us.

“Truthful words are not beautiful; beautiful words are not truthful. Good words are not persuasive; persuasive words are not good. He who knows has no wide learning; he who has wide learning does not know.” Lao Tzu

Give all you have to others and you will be infinitely richer. You can constantly guilt trip back to the Bahamas with your open bar and your basketball. Your horse and your rum-and-coke. Your spoken word delivery in word games that no one ever mentioned simpler because they did not know that spoken word delivery existed in any meaningful sense since Socrates, who was murdered unjustly because of such words. This is not ancient Greece. We all have a voice (unless you are mute, I apologize deeply… please write, write, write… If I lost my voice indefinitely I would write such beautiful music… I would be mute and dictate such lovely songs with full meaning and find the perfect, intelligent vocalist to transpose my notes and static into harmonious prose over music with rhythm and rhyming, the kind of thing that songwriters pay for to figure out for themselves… an anomaly) and some of us speak louder than others…

Some of us speak louder than others. This does not mean that these people are right. In fact, in rarely does. It only means that they are heard more often.

Everyone needs to hear advice everyone once and awhile. The fallacy of modern man is that this voice is usually the loudest and most ignorant. When was the last time you heard someone yelling through a megaphone in the streets a mantra that you could identify with?

Crazy asshole, you say. Pull the plug on that megaphone.

His voice belongs behind bars, you say.

Then again, if you are not prepared for words that hurt you a little bit inside of your heart… the kind of words to uproot a nation, if everyone simultaneously absorbed them, significant change would be evident.

This is wishful thinking, clearly.


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