No college rule

We are drifting along in similar stratospheres with caution thrown to the wind like dry sand at a beach prior to what happens when a storm front secures a location for psychological torment. The air is cold in our night lungs and never have we ever had an ending to these full exposed past truths about each other, unspoken verdicts about truculent activities of all cathedral parking spaces. They all conjure up mirth with myth and settle for less when it comes to a night beyond standard comprised potential. The hostility dies in fluorescent ashes. We dance in them for spiritual warmth in the face of cold teeth. Crooked like ancient river canyons and writing with idyllic beauty in our hearts as stones and a focus on deliberate standing with phrases and monikers. Always the same asshole. Some quantum change in the nature of the future. Phase change from a liquid to a solid. The shoes have been filled with flash flood romance. Our cavities burn and rearrange brain waves. They ignore the impulse for the heathy brain to say, “hey! your canines are rotting away, this is tooth decay, your bad breath will last for days, in the rain.”

The eyes itch from unspoken thoughts we’ve seen. Even to fill up an hourglass before turning it over. The final metaphor isn’t so complete. Wish I were more discreet with tears or vomit, over the years the shame becomes resistant like falling rocks pulled by gravity to the center of every beautiful esplanade, every foolish corner, insulted by Shakespeare, a jam session with words all day and analyzing me to my face as compared to what it might be if I couldn’t notice. We are nowhere an nothing else matters. Time to be presently sleeping, these thoughts will
Carry over like long division written out of lined paper. No college rule


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