Recycling Garbage

No matter how many times we sweep the floor, the soles of our feet turn black. The garbage disposal was back up for days and the sink was full of foul smelling sitting water. Chunks of old food floating in it. Walking a shopping cart full of cans down to the recycling center. A hundred cans is nearly ten dollars. No one speaks English at this location and wasps fly overhead. They disperse when you approach and then investigate. Just one walk to this pay-for-recycling center is illuminating (because we don’t have recycling bins due to the amount of homeless dumpster divers that would, hypothetically, hop the fence to get to the cans to get to the recycling center to get to the booze, drugs, rape, and murder). We cause problems with our solutions because we think for the moment. 

The heat makes everything bake in the sun. Everything that sits out begins to smell within the first hour. Traffic sounds permeate everything. Mechanical noises in the night. Music is impossible to hear, unless at an uncomfortable high volume, over the mechanical chewing sounds of the city at night. It is the sound of our souls being eaten. I prefer to hear nothing or the sounds outside, but the soundtrack to my dreams has been white noise, the A/C and the loud rite-aid fan on the floor. 

Often there are torn open trash bags strewn about the sidewalk. There is never a defining motive for this. The most horrific part of this, despite the fact that I don’t care about littering here because it’s simply adding shit to an already heaping pile of shit, is the drainage system here, into the ocean. I’ve see the gutters labelled with stencils of dolphins to represent the species you might kill if you pour your pesticide down the drain. The run off of this shitty city is unstoppable unless a plague wipes out half of the population. God bless me with the power to spread an airborne illness into the lungs of the blissfully ignorant. The soul killers of the earth. 

The trash on the street will then be bodies. Mother earth will consume gratefully and hungrily and trees will grow through concrete once more. 

Vines will take down office buildings, over time. 


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