I Can’t Stop Thinking Big

These forests are silent sentinels guarding over vast mysterious life. Why have no real predators been discovered in this cold climate? I wonder about cold adapted species that hide in our warm bundles of fresh laundry when it’s raining. It’s hopeless probably. 


Swim upstream at the speed of the fastest deep water current. I feel the momentum carry me toward foreign shores. Of course, it is myself between the whole lot of us is foreign.  The shores are there now. Self confident that they know what they are. Tourists have exclaimed their ancient names long enough now that is engrained into its memory, the landscapes rattle with each mispronounced word they can hear, amidst the cacophony of waves pummeling volcanic sand and traveling salesmen trying to smuggle sand dollars across the ocean to the forbidden island of the chain. I’m the invasive species, the foreign body casting magic spells to imprint secret DNA codes on the cells of the island. The original meaning and sensation has been ruined, in a sense, by the tourist activity and the amount of cultures crushed beneath vacationing feet, adorned by sandalwood and trampling exotic vegetation to take better cell phone camera pictures, amounting to an interactive photo album implemented online with voice and thought modulation. You plug a flash drive into your skull after having a doctor surgically remove and reattach a chunk of cranium. You are put under for the data translation. Then you upload your memories into file folders with moment to moment reams of mental pictures stored away in genetic-code unlocked file, the highest and most state of the art security work wonders for this kinds of sticky situations. 


While you are making moonshine in the wilderness one year, get nostalgic for who you are in such a familiar present. These are the times to act wisely and concisely. To give all of the greatest pursuits the utmost and desirous effort of a champion in training. You are valiant on the battlefields of depressed lab rats and social experimented apes in medical staff garb. You are better that that you ditch digger. Find out the glorious facts for this future maneuver. Slip casually and coolly into the dark tunnel. Someone holds a flashlight and aims it at you 800 yards away. Discern a moving train or a dying star, a passing satellite, a stolen car, the principal weakness of a confused and intolerant boy, when the hateful words of bullies descend into the shadows of clouds, the birds flapping their wings to clear clogs from their pores. 




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