My Zenith

Silent Friday night when everyone is still home, wherever that is, for the lingering holiday hangover. However thrilled I am to participate, that egg nog has grown rotten in my stomach, the lining screams as it is eroded by decisions made by my hands and mouth, the tavern environment, my mother’s nostalgia, the fear of love-death and sudden, fatal car accidents in the fog, the fog, this mist and dense, thick fog, isolating the colors in the air with a surreal glow, everything was orange under those florescent street lamps. We stole coasters and winked and waitresses uselessly. Talk about life and existences of ghosts or worse.


Do you know what it feels like to time warp all the way through a weekend? You are wide open in the fields while the armored guards surround. Snipers in the tree branches  looking down festively and curious. Those outsider eyes entering new enclosed circles for the first, cold shouldered, time. Oh time, cold shouldered time, let’s put a blanket over you, your neck is warm with that tight-knitted skirt.

Time, you let images pass through our lenses without becoming memorable. Our filters are on always! How are there alternatives to this?

My zenith does depend on a most auspicious star.

Trouble maker,

it is up to you to puzzle fix it together

it is up to you to swallow the toy prize and pop that shining balloon, with intricate weaving patterns stitching the sidelines with glorious, hidden, deep water, drilling ink. Sleep now or forever hold your peace.

Forever hold your peace

without restraint

get up too soon, feeling faint

in three weeks I’ll make use of these

ligaments to lift up fallen trees

invade our day with foreign leaves

ocean flourescent lights cease

rotten means for rotten dreams

speak elaborate fantasies

debts will increase, at least

expect this weight from me, o please.

weigh in my attempt at poetry

meter, rhythm, woe is me

keep the peace

the harmony and open dreams


my  zenith, oh gosh, make a belief we hit it.

upset by that beer drawn image. that queen of quiet drunk based on disrespect of intellect. or worse delicate impact, like brace for something worse and hold your head up with a sideways lifted chin for images


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