left the party in a bouyant mood

“There were afraid, I waved, they were afraid. What fear could I cause in people even if they’re from a different culture. A simple wave is something that transcend all boundaries. Everyone’s afraid. They’re walking on eggshells, broken glass of illuminated light bulbs. You are a lie, the sign says in front of me, you are a lie. There is nothing here but boundaries. There’s nothing here but cultural backgrounds and dissonance. There’s nothing here but garbage, filth, squalor. We never know anything but what we were raised inside of.”

-cellphone recorded moment in Canoga Park, Last April

(will transcribe more of these from scattered nights of memo-recorded rambling. listening back is like unearthing a time capsule, even one buried shallow. I hear the soft trickling of the stream. gentle hissing of a steam output. songbirds and crows singing out of harmony. they are unaware of the sounds I made. black and blue feathers land on pond’s surface)


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