live with the world

Commitment and coincidence. Those are the key to talented stage performance. Realize the weight of news after the lunch special has settled. This is not a food coma. Paralysis takes root in the heart and spreads outward from there, infecting others with emotional run off.

Damn, lost it.

Try to pick it up again, remind you of the smell of summer nights and the quickly built fires to keep mosquitoes away. Bonfires are holy. Here we warm our bones, speaking in soft voices aligned with the shifting pines. Burning wood that we gathered from the dark forests. Past campers echo back footprints, cast out over the glacier stream – indivisible with our mind sets. If acted on correctly, we would brave to remember the way it felt to be so carefree… smoke in our eyes, stinging when a bee sting is necessary, those pin prick needle bites when the record skips and we end up accidentally murdering the natural order of things. Sorrow when looking at the stars that night. Try to point out specific constellations and know something about everything. Make those connections in the mind to calculate and measure perfect harmony.

Shoot. Lost it all.


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