ten minute free form – january 30th

She had an exquisite facial bone structure, though her eyes were the temperature of hellfire, need another happy hour beer to cool off these hot coal thoughts. Spirits infiltrate my veins and warm the blood, fall off the wagon into free form spiral, make those seemingly meaningless connections in my network mind, all the schema like latticework tentacles crawling over the starboard side of cargo ships full of crude oil and bible thumping, these ventricles all squeeze tight like clenched teeth trying to scrape the marrow out of a bone with senseless determination. So what if you quit smoking, all that black coffee will stain your teeth yellow like infected skin, your skin like the green hollow ghost in the fog-thick graveyard, then you hear the voice calling out your name, your name, softer, then louder, never receding, you carry the call beneath the earth until you so graciously join them. Do the words work today? Does the intent come across as a mysterious codex some obscure genius created in his sleep? Does he even have a key to guide a potential reader through the mess? Probably not, no. These are farcical claims at conversation and we’re at a terrible loss, moreso than car keys, or an intrepid mind. Held your locked jaw eye sight close to the bridge of my heart, burning into oblivions like bonfire sunsets over the inverted lake of grey clouds and rain above our polluted run off city, into the ocean depths we go, our fins sprouting out of us like ivy takes over trees, beyond our time scale but what about the time of continental drift, because we inhabit this world current we are self obsessed with the present, forget the wrapping paper, a parent these days must have a head full of candle wax or some enlightening and beautiful hope, they will make posters with your full bodied face on it I’m sure, just coin and trademark some inspirational quote, clean out that glove box, hide the parefenalia and close those eyelids tight, slam them shut at first noticing of the oozing blood of strangers at your feet, up our knees in it, but it is green blood, of forests and killed ecosystems for the sake of farming, farming, farming, all your methane gases and cold blooded tactics, nearly burned through half a full charge on the lap top, most directed studying of my semester in a chaotic bar scene. 


Must exit. 


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