Paradise Lost & Atheism

My mind is taxed from searching for metaphoric, sometimes literal, Satanic manifestations of animals in Paradise Lost and isolating, then tracing out, the narrative arc for the dark designs which Satan and his fellow devious comrades enact to entice man, actually Eve first, to fall into a state of oblivion, of linguistic strife and all the animals attacking each other… Eden dissolves into a black mist and Satan, as serpent slithers back down into hell awaiting congratulations but only hearing the cacophonous hissing of myriad disapproving snakes and adders, all coiled up like fire hoses, though the flames they cannot douse because the flames are lakes and the solids are liquids.

I also feel accomplished for having finally put the thought necessary into my fast-approaching-death essay. Not saying I wrote the damn thing, but I filled my argument cup with Satanic visions of lions, tigers, toads and their parallel symbolic psychological stances… the wind is howling outside, with planes flying loudly overhead, the continent of Australia stares transfixed from its tomb of the globe to my right– there at the Sydney opera house, I watched a philosophical lecture about how atheists can use facets of religion to their own educational advantage and that the interconnectivity of religious is a facade that cannot be broken down by simple, modern logic. Atheists should use the arts and humanities, public spaces, and social psychology in the same sense that people who believe congregate, make Jesus paintings, mutter to themselves in front of candles in hooded masses, etc.

To start, we should paint over the Sistene Chapel with just empty, black void maybe a star or a few nebulas out there.

Even still… a secular man and a christian man sit and watch the moon move slowly across the sky.

Secular man says, “Gee doesn’t it just make you feel so small? the great distance and the eternity beyond… endless fathoms of dark, astronomical mysteries, branching out to the nebulas and stardeaths beyond where our telescopes can ever see…”

Christian man says, “Sure is beautiful how illuminating the moon is in the sky. God must have been feeling poetic when he dreamed up this scene.”

Secular man disagrees so they rip each others guts out.


Philosophies and psychologies burrow through my mind like tunneling clams. I’m waiting for the tide to rise up so I can climb up and drift out into deeper bodies of water.


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