ancient cave inquiry

They were the last tour group guided through the ancient tumbled down hillside cave, with the animal paintings.Shown active, running as fast as hungry predator and tiring prey. red red prints near the carved out arch, the causeway of the river with tunnels for defensive siege, with the lawless activity of the light polluted city, masking the wonders of space with the aimed upward flashlights, the candle lit search parties, when all search inward and the lights are dimmed, with the intent to hold together, the purpose realized and a pressurized distant came over me like a seabound case of skurvy, no fruit for miles, until tropical shore is once again discovered and the waiters lay out lawn chairs where there are spots of sunlight shone through the steel grates of a poolside

castaways floating on air mattress with sunflower hats and intertubes also drifting without purpose other then as a transport for a six pack or two with the fellas, the lazy river with under water cameras to shake about in the invisible photography lounge in the deep red and the derision explication of my being felt out of place or my control… thinking of the art class that I took as serious as a divine plan. here instead of write continually I will travel inward to the childhood mind attitude I was in while making abstract dinosaur pictures or of jungles, colorful mammals of the cat species, a scenario with aching heart bear cub mothers with the protective paws extended like flag poles and oven mitts, an irresponsible night terror when the others had slept so wisely throughout, the mumbling was insane and horrific and elaborate, a spun maze with ideas deflecting psychoanalytically into a swirled vase jar like a sink used to clean up after paints, the dried splotches caked up in random tear drops on the carpet or cement, or blue tarp, weighed down by rain water and stretched out, thinner and threadbare.

the last tour guide in the new discovered ancient cave. the line of journeys had to quit because human respiration began to cause adverse effects in the previously isolated network of rooms. there are bear skulls from extinct species and a scent of mysterious cave markings

is there a way down from here? some circular passageway where light chokes us out beneath a curtain, a foxglove fern cover, the digging paws at the surface dirt, with intent to discover embedded diamonds. the respiration began to melt down the multi thousand year formations of dripping sediment during the rainy seasons, near the triumphant arc, the valley albino alligator, the evolutionary mistakes escape with their lives.


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