Sleeping sadness

Sleep deprivation compounded on restlessness and a fabric of mind torn free. You can hear my uncertainty in the words I sing. The way my body chooses to sing them. I realize how infected I can make people astound me. Communication breakdown. Train in the distance. We walked on those tracks and felt the anxious need to drink and to drink quickly and to compound the fears and close our doors fast with watery breath and toothpaste teeth even when sleeping next to the lovely shape of our girl with her blonde lovely hair and the whiskey shots poured out massively and the buzz strong and the life so heralded and the children seeking attitude so loud but inadequate and the music so fake compared to bloody guitar strings and the vocalized nuanced beauty all covered in dreams that cannot be real because we were too drunk to have them. Oh old roommate how insane I was it was harsh for us and I fell into the out and could not recover. My mental stability and anger became a constant question and the force of literature and nature. The poetry of spoken words and ideals oh god. We the same indefinite articles. Our sexuality and the nervousness and the beat making and the horror. Good exit if anything with years down the sides.


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