If everything was as easy as the advertisements intended. If we could laugh and share our thoughts without the necessity of alcohol. If we could disperse our thoughts without the fog of liquor, of sloppy joe to the left, of froggy Annie to the right, of habitat sounds in all directions. People who do not know how to distinguish their bodies from the multitude to the immediate center. Let’s find a skeleton to call our own. Let’s distinguish ourselves as a multitude less confused. Make me into a…” Sarah settle down, put your helmet on.”

but I smile so hard it hurts. and let us get into that family therapeutic setting. I cannot spell because it is no longer talk in school. it is auto correct. it is red squiggly lines. even under squiggly. i know how to spell nothing at all. I teach myself the rhetoric of a land dead for two thousand years and pretend it will advance me metaphysically.


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