When I Moved to an Island in the Salish Sea

Soon to be heading to the island – to lose my bearings and float out into the open bay. Seabirds circling swooping and I am going to catch a ferry. Hope to lose my high sensitivity. My irritations with it all. I hope to feel a grateful love for how my life will become and hopefully become suddenly. I will move up there with a bike rack and a keyboard. A few books. Mostly empty spaces in my heart and backpacks. Filter out the shit and get into the basic good of existence. The basic something. What am I hiding from? Susceptible to be caught. Bushes rustling. Blood red moon. Settling into a form of myself that I can enjoy better.

I will write with new frequency. Until blood runs out of my fingers. I will write the goals and make them easier to exist. I will write and rewrite the memories I wish to immortalize.


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