Undergoing Revisions & Restucturing

Good Evening –

This is Nate and things are changing around here. I have kept up Dwellings for unedited rants and stream-of-consciousness writings for a few quiet years now. Time has arrived and I’m initiating a new slant to this shared space in order to satisfy Time. The blog is once more going to become an active writing and poetry blog but I have bigger ambitions than my isolated ramblings. I want to communicate with you – with all of you beautiful artists and writers – I plan to reach out from this little cave I’ve carved into around myself and release concise versions of what I’ve been trying to say this whole time.

What I am saying is I’d like to open up greater conversation through this medium, or others (email threads, physical letters, carrier pigeons)… and while the conversation starts I’ll be selecting from the vast catalogue of old and unreadable content I’ve written and edit them back into a clarity I’d been originally avoiding.

The original project was to capture the moment of my subconscious mind in the act of writing. I realize now the content created of this method is largely unreadable for its bleariness. I aim to take a knife of concision to these rants and sharpen my work.

It now becomes an effort of revision and of conversation.


Hello, how are you? Where did you grow up?

(I’m splendid. Spent time making music and sipping gin with an old friend this afternoon. We both grew up in Gig Harbor, Washington.)

~Nate Anderson 


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