Fire at the Woodland Park Night Exhibit

The attic of the nocturnal creatures exhibit at the zoo lit on fire and some speculation suggested a vampire bat was exposed to light and combusted, burning up the place, filling the cages with smoke, the empty cages, and now, as a result, a firefighter has minor injuries to be dealt with, little burns, or a sprained wrist. 

Other work within the Field of Speculation involves conjuring images of nocturnal creatures trying to keep warm with a twig and moss fire, or a group of raccoon smoking cigarettes while the rest of us at first report imagined helpless caged animals hideously burning alive in their cells, the nocturnal creatures, had they been there, would have at least died in their sleep. If not for lack of funding in 2010. It was said the firefighters only evacuated the non poisonous amphibians out of the amphibian pavilion, leaving the venomous snakes playing dead behind to die. The poison dart frog came down with a new smoker’s cough, shedding an inch of skin at each reflex. The fire hurt no bats and no one screamed and ran, the tiger kept a sad tiger eye on the children, and a firefighter broke his toe trying to grapple with an escaped iguana, so I heard.

In other news two years ago today (December 16th, 2016) an owl flew into the transformer at Friday Harbor Laboratories in the San Juan archipelago knocking out the power throughout campus for days.


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